Unorthodox music beyond borders - twisted alternative downbeat with roots in tribal and psybient!


In 2009, Saint Janus aka Janus Christian Skov, decided to moved to one of the busiest capitals in Asia, Manila, Philippines from Copenhagen, Denmark, where his early musical experiences and influences were rooted in organizing hundreds of trance events, publishing Clubbing Magazine Denmark and his more than a decade of DJ'ing progressive and psychedelic trance as well as the very chill out music.

Manila, unlike Copenhagen, is still a virgin city when it comes to alternative chill out and psytrance music but beneath it holds an interest for new and alternative musical genre and sounds. It was also in Manila's daily grind with a huge contrasts of upscale hipsters, urban chaos and laid back beach lifestyles that Janus found his motivation and inspiration to start producing his essential serene music project Saint Janus, which easily got attention from some of the best record labels in the business.

Janus' studio productions has its own glow. He keeps connected to a heavy line of analog music equipment combined with some very selected high quality applications which makes the music more organic and beyond the scope of imitation and expectations. Until now he hold a solid handful of releases on Uxmal Records (Mex), Avatar Records (Isr), Iboga Records (DK), Plusquam Chillout (Ger), Planet B.E.N. Recordings (Ger) etc.

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"Behind every original composition, there is an untold story"

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